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At Hilltop View we recommend regular appointments with the hygienist for complete dental care and protection.

Here are our top five reasons why you see regularly visit our hygienist.

1. Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease results in painful and bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth. Gum Disease when caught in its early stages can be treated, stopped and reversed. In addition to treating gum disease our hygienist, will help you develop a better home oral hygiene regime.

2. Prevent Bad Breath

Halitosis (bad breath) is a very common reason patients seek dental care and is often caused by a dental problem. The odour is released by bacteria from under the gum line where only a dental professional can clean.

3. Stop Bleeding gums

An early indicator of gum disease is spitting blood after brushing your teeth. When treated early it is often totally reversible.

4. To improve self-esteem and confidence

There is nothing like a clean, fresh mouth. The hygienist can help remove stains, give a whiter smile and fresher breath.

5. To clean those hard to reach spots

As good as home tooth cleaning can be, most people have some areas that are hard to reach and clean thoroughly. A regular appointment will assist with cleaning the whole mouth and the hygienist will advise better techniques.


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